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Richard Quattrocchi founded Bridge Associates in 2004 after spending 20 years in medical and technology ventures.  The guiding mission of Bridge Associates is deliver measurable results for clients to increase sales,  decrease costs, meet regulatory compliance goals and improve productivity. Mr. Quattrocchi is  a thought leader with many years of senior level management experience in the medical device, health care IT, and software technology market sectors. His proven talent for strategic planning, out of the box thinking and rain making positions Bridge Associates as the perfect partner for clients looking to take their enterprise to the next level. 

About Us

Our Mission

Bridge Group MissionOur mission is to help our clients grow by taking advantage of the resources offered through the world wide web.  Our online solutions help to increase revenues, decrease costs and meet challenging regulatory requirements.

Measurable Results

Bridge Group Measurable ResultsThe work we do will deliver measurable results to your bottom line.  We integrate our solutions into your organization's key performance indicators and provide reporting and tracking mechanisms to document results and measure ROI.

Start with Consultation

Free ConsultationBridge will provide you with a free initial consultation to learn about your business goals, objectives, strategy and expectations.  We will then craft a strategy that works for your objectives, timeline and budget.  If we can't help, we will refer you to someone who can. We have an extensive network of associates and colleagues.


  • Customer testimonialsWhen it comes to creating a website based on statistical evidence, probability and white hat SEO techniques- Rich Quattrocchi is the serious professional you need to contact. He is insightful, extremely reliable, and works from theories and logic that will always trump your question of ‘why would I do that?’. Whether you’re fretting over what you think you need to do- or if you’re resting on your laurels- working with Rich will launch your web and website presence to new heights. He’ll give you smart, current advice.. and meet every deadline established during your project. Rich makes himself readily available to you throughout the process.. and he delivers on his promises. He’s the greatest!

    -- Joanne S.
  • Rich is one of the smartest individuals I have ever had the privilege of working with. His executive acumen and leadership in business development, operations, and marketing and sales is an asset to any organization committed to creating top line growth"

    -- Sheryl S.