Bridge Group SEO Elements

In addition to the standard SEO recommendations from Google Webmaster recommendations, the Bridge Group uses a proprietary 50 point check list proven over years to help pages rank higher by being more relevant for the searches your customers use.  Some of the elements are discussed below. We are happy to do a  free SEO assessment of your site and provide a quote for affordable services.

Web Page Structure 

Once the site structure is set up we then create the individual content pages so they can be easily indexed by search engines, social networks and easily read your visitors.

  • Pages must be robot friendly so when Google and other search engine spiders crawl your site they can recognize and index the content.
  • Relevant URL names help spiders to net out what your page is about.
  • Page meta data is used to describe to the spiders what the content is and why it is useful in very short description.
  • Relevant headings provide the hierarchy of what is important, the same way an outline does or table of contents for a publication.
  • Well formed and optimized HTML makes pages load faster and provide better scoring.
  • Internal and external hyperlinks give the spiders other places to go that provide relevance to your pages - it is one of the reasons it is called "the web".
  • Bread crumb lists
  • OG meta data for social links