Bridge Group Online Services

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Our services include:

Marketing Strategy - We will work with your company to optimize and develop your online marketing strategy around your specific goals and objectives.  Our approach is to develop and help you execute a strategy that works with your style of doing business and maintains your brand image.  Our work is tailored to meeting your objectives.  Often time that includes increasing sales, raising funds, converting visitors, attracting donations, educating the public or automating processes.  

Search Engine Optimization - We know how to drive organic search results for key terms related to your business.  Need proof?  Check out  We helped this not for profit grow site visits by 450% in just one year to support their mission to educate, prevent, treat and cure dangerous blood clots. 

Website Design - It is said that web designers keep SEO experts in business!  The saying is true all too often.  Most website designers are artists that don't have a clue how to make your site both visually attractive and easy to index by search engines.  If you already have a web designer, we will work with your team to make your visually stunning site visible to Google, Bing and Yahoo.  If you want to start fresh, we can design your new site from the ground up and include an integrated social media and content strategy as well.

Social Media Strategy -  Having the right mix of social media can make a big impact on your organization's results.  When used appropriately, social media can amplify your message, improve brand awareness, engage customers, influence word of mouth and drive promotions.  Social media can be a black hole of time and resources and generate negative brand equity if poorly executed or neglected.  We can help outline a strategy, identify the resources to execute and provide tools to measure results.